About Us

Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau.

Established in the year 1987, our bureau is now the most aged, professionally functioning matrimonial bureau in the country. Bringing personally selected, best-matched people together, to unite them in love and contentment is what Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau aims for.

In today’s fast and busy life, the young generation hardly gets an opportunity to interact with and know people outside their circles. At Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau, We understand the nerve of Indian families who still holds the importance of arranged marriages very high. This is where our role as an experienced and genuine service provider comes into play. We bring to you the best proposals from around the world on one bench.

We are totally aware that when it comes to marital relationships, the credibility of the matrimonial bureau plays a vital role as this is the most crucial decision for you or your son’s / daughter’s life. With us, you have the assurance to fulfill your requirement as we are doing this for the past 33 years ONLY for Gujarati, Marwari & Jain communities.

Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau is best known for extending its warm and cordial approach to serving all groups of people - whether they are eligible bachelors who are settled in India or the ones who are settled abroad. Professionals, highly educated individuals, HNIs, independent aspirants or the ones bound to family traditions, everyone looks up to us for our extensively searched and rightly selected proposals. And yes, we also find great matches for widows/widowers and help them start a new life.

Striking a balance between Indian customs and traditions along with contemporary & innovative ideas, the leading marriage bureau of Taruni Shroff has almost double the success rate as compared to other marriage bureaus. As a result, We have the blessings from the families of over 10,000 happily wedded couples matched by us.

Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau is one such institution where we understand the need of matching the proposals with great care & compassion. We understand the importance of keeping in mind the choice & demand of the person who approaches us in search of a life partner. We very well understand that finding the correct match can never be done by randomly selecting the aspirants on an emotionless computer. So we take the utmost effort to sort out the right matches for our clients PERSONALLY.

Popular for its client-centric approach, the dedicated team of Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau is now led by Mr. Zameer Shroff who is the nephew of Ms. Taruni Shroff. He is a mature and promising person who has worked under the guidance of Ms. Taruni Shroff for more than 10 years. He takes the utmost efforts to follow the guidelines laid down by her.

Through his highly trained team, he always makes sure to provide the applicants with the handpicked wedding proposals along with all the required details and minutest of the information. He responsibly ensures that the aspirants have an authentic matrimonial profile and also ensures that all the information provided by the aspirants is meticulously verified and genuine.

Based on a strong foundation of authenticity, secrecy and personal care, the team of Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau is very vigilant about the needs and demands of the new generation who may believe in arrange marriages but are not willing to compromise on their choices. This spawns the dissymmetry in family members. Our experts bring these differences to an end by considering the changing mentality of the youth & collaborating with the whole family and bringing them all to one juncture. This is done by providing an appropriate match which also fits in the criteria of the family. This not only takes an extra amount of time and effort but also takes an observant approach by our team to bring highly compatible people together in a wedding bond.

The eminently reliable matrimonial services of Taruni Shroff Marriage Bureau makes sure that you find the most-awaited and enduring love of your life at the earliest.